Heavy rains and wind cause problems around Valley

FRESNO, Calif.

One Kerman family's carport and home were damaged by high winds, and the family was grateful that no one was hurt in the incident.

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At the same time, heavy rain caused flooding in the Fresno State area on Friday afternoon, and several drivers tried to make their way down the streets but the water was just too deep and some vehicles got stuck.

Many Fresno State students went outside to check on their cars and take pictures of the floods.

On 10th Street, near the University Village Apartments, several student's cars were submerged. The water covered sidewalks and walkways.

Many said they were not able to get out of the parking lot. Action News found one man whose car had several inches of water in it.

He was parked outside his parents' apartment on 9th street when the rain began to pour down. Shortly after the water rose up into some of the cars.

"The rain started coming down, and I noticed it when it started getting to maybe right here. I was like okay, let me try to move it. But water was already up to here and I didn't want to have water spill into it. But, apparently it got into it. It's all bad," Ezekiel Lopez of Fresno said.

There was also some flooding reported in the Ashlan and 1st area.

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