Skiers and snowboarders enjoying fresh Sierra snow

FRESNO, Calif.

"Don't say it, don't say it," said Alex Garcia, as he knocked on his wooden snowboard for good luck.

"That's cool. Planets are aligned right?" said Shaver Lake resident Thomas Vlahavas.

After a dry December and a January and February with few scattered showers, the resort finally saw some steady snowfall Friday.

"It's been a very summery winter and now we're having a wintery spring," added Vlahavas.

Over ten inches of new snow dumped down overnight and close to four feet has fallen since Wednesday.

"You can see right now it's coming down pretty good, but this is a pretty moderate pace compared to what it was," said China Peak Ski Resort owner Tim Cohee. "It was about 2 inches an hour this morning so we went from having 6-12 inches of snow to having 2-3 feet in the last three days. It could be four feet tonight by the time it winds down."

The fresh snow covered cars, blanketed branches and dumped down so hard it caused some skiers to pack up and leave.

"We've been waiting for the snow to happen all year and we finally got to get up here and it was a little too much snow," said Morro Bay resident Susan Rodgers.

Her husband Dave agreed.

"It's waist-deep snow so it's really hard to ski. It's pretty good for snowboarders, but a little hard to ski," he said.

China Peak officials said the resort received more snow from March 15th until today, then it has all winter long. That's about 100 inches. Workers are now prepping for a busy weekend.

"We're going to have 5 lifts open, you'll be able to get to just about anywhere you want to go and almost all terrain is open," said Cohee. "We're going to be open every day and this is going to be an unbelievable weekend."

It's much needed snowfall, he said, that will allow the ski park to remain open until April 29th- proving Friday the 13th isn't bad luck for everyone after all.

"Obviously we would have loved to have this storm months ago, but we'll take what we can get," said Cohee. "It's great. Our season pass appreciation party is tomorrow (Saturday) and we're going to have a ball."

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