Mom & boyfriend arrested for homicide of a 2-month-old

FRESNO, Calif.

Police believe the infant may have died from severe water burns.

Visalia police have arrested the baby's mother, Jennifer Granberg, and her boyfriend /*Christopher Harris*/.

The mother and her boyfriend remain in custody after police say their stories were inconsistent with the baby's death.

An autopsy of the 2-month old is going on right now and police hope that will give them more clues as to how exactly the baby died.

Neighbors say 25-year old /*Jennifer Granberg*/ showed no emotion as police investigated the death of her two month old baby boy Sunday afternoon.

"No feeling whatsoever. I don't know, if my baby just died I'd be hysterical," neighbor Virginia Miranda said.

Emergency responders were first called to this house on North Divisadero to find Granberg's baby not breathing.

"The two month old male did receive severe burns to his body. It's my understanding that it was the result of water," Sgt. Amy Watkins of the Visalia Police Department said.

When police investigators arrived they found Granberg and her boyfriend, 25-year-old Christopher Harris, had different stories as to what happened. Harris is not the child's father.

"The statements given by the two suspects in this case were inconsistent the child's injuries," Watkins said.

On Monday Christopher Harris' mother and aunt were visibly upset at the Visalia police station.

Authorities say Granberg and Harris had just recently moved to the area.

Neighbors say they had lived in the house less than two weeks.

"It's shocking, scary at the same time I..don't know I just didn't even know there was a baby there," Miranda said.

People who live on the street say investigators were at the house most of the day Sunday. Neighbors say it wasn't until the coroner arrived that they realized the victim was a newborn.

"It was just one guy that brought the stretcher out and it was a green bag and you could tell it was a very small body," Miranda said.

Police are hoping to find out more information from today's autopsy including exactly how long the baby had been dead before officers arrived and if the baby had any prior injuries.

Jennifer Grandberg and Christopher Harris are expected to be arraigned on the murder charges later this week.

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