SF Giant prospect has strong family ties

FRESNO, Calif.

The 23-year old knows the importance of making contact, with the ball and with older players in the clubhouse. Charlie explained, "Learning from the guys that's been there before. We've got some position players that have played in the big leagues and some pitchers. We've got the experience."

/*Charlie Culberson*/ was born to be a Giant. Back in 1985, his father /*Charles Culberson*/ played for the single-a /*Fresno Giants*/. "He said we didn't make much money then. It was tough. I think there was a funny story where my mom did the laundry for the team. I'm sure they had clubhouse guys but they did that and made extra money that way."

Action News video showed Charlie's dad and his mom holding big sister Chelsea when she was just a baby. Charlie wasn't even born yet. "They were younger and had my sister and had me both when he was still playing so it was tougher for them to start a family still in the minor leagues."

Charlie has heard the stories of how dad played with Will Clark in a place called Fresno. The Culbersons even caught a few games this weekend.

Grizzlies manager /*Bob Mariano*/ said, "They follow him throughout the season, up through the levels. It's great to see. Charlie, it's great to have him at this level. You can really appreciate what he's going through and draw back on experience when i saw him in low-a ball and now he's knocking on the door to the big leagues."

Dad made it to the double-a level but Charlie expects to realize the major league dream for both of them. "I think he likes the fact too that we both came up with the same organization and they're getting to follow my dream too and it's pretty cool they can see that too."

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