Growers still calculating losses from hail storm


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The damage on many grape vines in Traver is easy to spot. Not much survived.

Tulare County Ag Commissioner Inspector Scott Cornett has been surveying the Traver area following last week's hail storm and while stone fruit received the brunt of the damage, he says grapes in the area have also been affected.

Taylor Farms shared pictures they took of their vineyards. Quarter-sized hail covered their farm, wiping out their 400-acre grape crop.

Lawrence Taylor says he's never seen hail so big come through his property. He says in the 40-plus years he's been growing grapes, this is the worst loss he's endured.

Growers will have more of an estimate on the financial damages after next month. But the Ag commissioner's office says it will have a negative impact on Tulare County's economy -- less fruit being picked means less people working in packing houses and less fruit being exported.

Growers could still see further damage. The Ag commissioner's office says the drastic change in weather from cold hail last week to the 90-degree temps expected for this weekend -- could put added stress on the fruit.

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