Valley groups use tax day to make political statements

FRESNO, Calif.

Some groups in the Valley are using the day to make a political statement.

Todd Boswell isn't happy during tax season. Boswell said, "It's the most distasteful thing I do all year so I put it off and put it off." Busy mom, Kimmy Sorensen also put it off and is now relying on the experts to get her forms filled. "I was really busy this year," said Sorensen.

Vicki Hokokian is a CPA with a Fresno-based accounting firm. Hokokian thinks there is a reason many clients put it off. "I think they just wait because they know, they owe," said Hokokian.

Not everyone in the Valley is talking about their tax forms on deadline day. A group outside Fresno's Federal Building says the rich should be taxed at a higher rate. Sean Nelson with MoveOn.Org said, "Corporations that are making billions have milked the tax code and lobbied congress for special privileges."

In Central Fresno, one group spent the day passing out postcards. Jean Hays wants to raise awareness about your tax dollars. Hays said, "People aren't aware of how much of the tax dollars go to the pentagon and the military and how little goes to education, arts and social services."

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