Juvenile shot, killed outside a Madera Carl's Jr. Restaurant

MADERA, Calif.

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Witness, Cruz Garcia said, "Pop, pop pop pop, it was kinda, it was scary scary."

Cruz Garcia and his wife Rosa heard the shots from their front porch. When they rushed over to see what was going on, they saw two teenage boys. One of them was holding the other as he lay on the ground bleeding.

Rosa Garcia said, "I saw the other kid, holding the other little boy, the other boy, when he went down."

Madera Police say the high school aged boys were walking south towards Lewis when three other juveniles approached them from across the street. After the two sides argued, the victim and his friend tried to run away. But instead, one of the teens tripped and fell. That's when the suspect fired four shots at point blank range.

Commander Steve Frazier said, "Carl's junior was full. We received several phone calls about the event. We got information from witnesses that a shooting had occurred. They gave a description of three suspects."

The suspects tried to get away by carjacking someone. When that didn't work, they ran into a nearby neighborhood, where officers quickly took two of them into custody. People who witnessed the entire episode unfold say they're still in shock.

Cruz Garcia said, "I think it's sad to think people are going this far shooting people."

As for Madera Police, they have noticed an increase in gang violence. Following several shootings in February and March, officers spent more time patrolling certain neighborhoods. But after this latest incident, some residents now fear the problem is just getting worse.

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