Fresno State farm market set to expand

FRESNO, Calif.

Some groundbreakings are more symbolic than others. From this dirt came the produce and agricultural products which allowed for the Rue and Gwen Gibson Farm Market to grow into a bigger space.

Bevery Knobloch called a $1.5 million dollar donation a lasting tribute to her family. Knobloch is the daughter of Rue and Gwen Gibson. She said, "I hope also this new farm market is able to raise the consciousness of the people in the community and the valley to the importance of this rich agricultural land around us."

Last year the farm market sold $1.3 million dollars in goods, including ice cream, nuts, meat and wine all produced on campus.

The generous gift will fund further growth. University President John Welty said, "The new farm market will be a great addition because it will provide 4800 square feet, which is approaching three times the space we now have, allow us to have a wine-tasting, ice-cream tasting area."

Beginning in June, everyone packs into the store for the tasty sweet corn.

But the Jordan College of Agricultural Science and Technology has one-thousand acres to give students hands-on experience.

Dean Charles Boyer said, "It is critical for our students to understand the business aspects of agriculture. The farm market is where students go to learn how the products go from the farms to the fork."

The brand new Rue and Gwen Gibson Farm Market will be located south of the existing store. It's expected to open in January.

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