Families torn apart in fatal Fresno DUI crash

FRESNO, Calif.

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Police say Corrales was driving a green Camaro and lost control after a "speed contest" with another car. Robert Vasquez, 19, died at the scene.

Cecilia and her family have gone to court a few times since the accident. But find it too difficult to see a former friend accused in a family member's death.

CHP Officer Corde Spencer said, "Because of his drinking he made the poor decision to be driving and then race and then get involved in an accident."

Investigators told the court that his blood alcohol level was above the legal limit and initially, Corrales wouldn't tell officers that he was the one driving. He's now charged with vehicular manslaughter, DUI, and a host of other charges.

At his preliminary hearing, his defense attorney questioned his actual speed on that fateful night, and questioned the impact, from the other car.

A Fresno County judge decided there's enough evidence for Corrales to go to trial. Corrales will be back in court in May.

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