Clovis Rodeo kicks off with a David Cook concert

FRESNO, Calif.

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Fireworks and feisty bulls greeted spectators inside the Clovis Rodeo arena Thursday. The 98th annual event draws participants from all over the world.

On its opening night, 40 professional bull riders took center stage, to see who could have the highest scoring eight-second ride.

ABC30 asked, "So what's the secret to staying on?"

Dustin Elliott, a professional bull rider said, "Just try hard and hang on. There's really no secret. You know its technique. It's like a dance. Bulls going to do something. You got to have a counter move for it."

While the PBR event brought in a large crowd, some people were more interested in what came after: a concert performed by American Idol alum David Cook.

ABC30 asked, "Exciting stuff?"

David Cook fans, Marla and Dee replied, "For us... yes. And we're seeing him two nights from now in Vegas. We're heading on our road trip."

That road trip took sisters Marla and Dee to Clovis all the way from Vancouver Canada. In fact, they were so excited to see David Cook; they walked more than five miles to the grounds from the airport. Fortunately, with a little pressure and a lot of luck, they got to meet their beloved idol face to face.

As for Cook, this is his second trip to the Valley, but his first time at the Clovis Rodeo.

David Cook said, "I love it. You know, we were talking about it off camera. It actually feels a little like home. You know, livestock, and stuff. It's very much a middle America, Kansas city kind of thing."

A kind of thing, which runs through Sunday.

Rain or shine, Clovis Rodeo organizers promise the festivities will not disappoint. They're already anticipating to surpass last year's ticket sales.

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