Seniors rally to save in-home support funding

FRESNO, Calif.

Many who attended today's rally rely on in-home supportive services -- which allows them to live independently at home, rather than a nursing home.

The governor's latest budget proposal includes multi-million dollar cuts to the program, but supporters of IHSS are hoping to gain support for SB 15-03, which would strengthen the home health care system. One attendee said without the program, he'd be forced into an institution.

"I would be in a serious problem. I would be in a nursing home and I would die there. And that -- I won't go. I enjoy my freedom and I want to be able to be home where I can heal and be healthy," said Carl Everhardt.

Several unions, including the SEIU, helped organize Saturday's rally. They say IHSS helps an estimated 400-thousand seniors and disabled citizens stay in their homes.

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