Widow, 81, faces foreclosure

FRESNO, Calif.

She's a great grandmother living on a fixed income and she's racing against the clock. She's got two weeks before she'll be out on the streets.

The lenders see Jeanne Cartier as number 7110302044. But Jeanne's story is much more than a number.

Jeanne Cartier: "I'm devastated"

Devastated, over the death of her youngest daughter and devastated about the possibility of losing the home she's known for 11 years.

Jeanne Cartier: "The idea was, we'd buy this property and I'd live in this house till I died."

Cartier's daughter was paying the majority of the mortgage. Jeanne's social security checks barely pay the bills. Eventually, even though she's never missed a payment, she was forced into foreclosure.

Jeanne Cartier: "They ignore letter, after letter, after letter."

After dozens of emails and physical pieces of mail, Jeanne got a bill, for more than 10 grand. Due immediately.

Jeanne Cartier: "I'm trying to get some kind of human response from the mortgage company."

Action News tried to get a response too. We wanted to ask Ocwen Loan Servicing about Jeanne's proposal to rent out her house. But we didn't get very far.

In the meantime, Jeanne is spending the next few days preparing for her daughter's memorial service, and she's left wondering.

Jeanne Cartier: "Where will I go?"

A local homeownership counseling service is helping Jeanne get some answers. They were told her case is under review.

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