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FRESNO, Calif.

Fresno County man opens fire on burglary suspects
Fresno County Sheriff's Deputies are looking for suspects who were shot at while they tried to break-in to a home last night. Investigators say this all started when a man drove by his parent's home and interrupted a burglary. The man chased the suspects then shot at them. One person was questioned, but investigators haven't determined if he was involved in the burglary.

Sulfur spill sparks fires, closes Hwy 41 near Yosemite
Highway 41 near Fish Camp is back open this morning after a suspected drunk driver crashed his truck -- spilling hundreds of pounds of sulfur all over the roadway. Last night, two tow trucks hauled away the big rig along with its remaining sulfur load outside Yosemite park. The driver is in federal custody. Action News has learned he was supposed to drop the sulfur off in Fresno, but told officials he got lost.

Fresno Police investigate house fire at marijuana grow
Fresno Police are investigating an electrical fire that broke out at a home housing a marijuana grow. Police say the fire was contained to a PG&E meter-- outside the house. Officials found about one hundred marijuana plants inside the home. Fresno police say the homeowner claimed to have a permit for the marijuana grow. Police are calling the fire "suspicious" and say detectives will be on scene to investigate later today.

Former Edwards Aide to Retake the Witnesses Stand
Testimony continues today at the criminal trial of former presidential candidate John Edwards. Edwards' former aide, Andrew Young, is expected to retake the stand in North Carolina. Edwards is accused of using campaign funds to hide his pregnant mistress. He has pleaded not guilty to six criminal counts related to campaign finance violations.

GOP voters head to the polls
Voters in New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania are heading to the polls today. Mitt Romney is expected to sweep all five states.

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