Similar viewpoints shared by the four candidates

FRESNO, California

While addressing members of the Central Valley Strategic Forum, the four Republican candidates answered questions of about faith, family, and eminent domain. "The entire concept is you use eminent domain rarely. You do it just for the public good. Transferring private property from one private owner to another is just another example of the government trying to pick winners and losers in the free market. And we all know now how that's worked out," said candidate David DeFrank.

Also up for discussion: the courts and legislation that would keep marriage between a man and a woman. Candidate Bob Whalen said the issue might be best addressed by how judges are appointed to the bench. "Frankly, the way the decision is right now, it's a small group of people that approve that group in many respects. We need to broaden that. So it's the state legislature that has some insight and opportunity to engage in who is going to be representing us in the judicial branch. So that would be some legislation I would work toward," said Whalen.

The group that hosted the roundtable is a part of the California Family Council, which promotes policies that defend Christian principles. "We want to offer people the chance to hear them and see if there is any contrast, compare them, and see what their thought processes are," said director Fred Vanderhoof.

The candidates also tackled anti-abortion legislation. "If we can get parents involved, if we can get adoption centers involved, if we can get the communities involved, then there is a chance for that life to survive," said candidate Vong Mouanoutoua.

Candidate Jim Patterson said he would support legislation that would give women considering abortion more information. It's an issue close to heart for the father of three adopted children. ""People exercised liberty, freedom, and full information and two of these women decision decided to give life, and hand those children to us," said Patterson.

The sole democrat in the race didn't attend the roundtable. Vanderhoof said Richard Rojas declined the invitation. Rojas did not immediately return calls made by Action News.

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