Girlfriend of a Fresno man who was shot & killed, speaks

FRESNO, Calif.

/*James Wynn, Jr.,*/ is charged with murdering his cousin last month in Southwest Fresno.

Prosecutors say Wynn also tried to kill /*Brenda Traylor*/, but didn't hit her when he fired towards her SUV. She took the witness stand Thursday and said she saw Wynn pull the trigger.

Traylor is too afraid for her safety for us to show you her face as she testified in court. She says she tried to stay out of the argument between her boyfriend and his cousin, Wynn. But then a sound got her attention.

"I heard multiple shots," Traylor said. "It was like, after the first one, more came. I heard about at least six shots."

Traylor and /*Andrais Hackett*/ had stopped in a Southwest Fresno neighborhood to buy some marijuana when they saw Wynn. She was already back in her SUV when the shots rang out and she didn't immediately know what was happening.

"So you looked up and what did you see?" asked prosecutor Robert Romanacce.

"I seen James shooting," Traylor said.

Traylor says she heard bullets hit the SUV and she screamed at Wynn. Hackett scrambled back into the car and spoke to his girlfriend for the last time.

"He starts to say 'Go' and I'm thinking like 'Go where?' and he started to like spit up his blood, so the only thing I'm thinking is 'go to the hospital,'" said Traylor.

She headed in that direction, but the vehicle just stopped on Broadway and Ventura -- about a mile from Community Regional Medical Center. Traylor says she screamed for help, but it was too late.

By the time police arrived, they found Hackett already dead from a single gunshot wound -- the bullet still lodged in his body.

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