Fresno man, 80, dies after fight with son

FRESNO, Calif.

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According to investigators, he's the one who called police and admitted to killing his father during an argument.

Crime scene detectives spent several hours inside the Central Fresno home Friday. As they collected evidence, neighbors looked on in disbelief.

Steve Mentzer has lived next door to the home for 14 years. He says 81-year-old Claud Hudiburgh and his son, Charles, also known as Chuck lived together, and that Chuck acted as a loving caretaker.

Mentzer said, "His father fell down a while back and as quick as possible the ambulance was here and he loved his father, no question about that."

Chuck was often seen taking his father on walks through the area. People who live here say while Chuck was normally talkative and friendly since losing his job a year ago, his attitude changed.

Manuel Banuelos said, "Every time I talked to him, he was fine; he was just a little down sometimes."

Mentzer said, "I talked to him yesterday and he just seemed so depressed, like nothing was going his way."

Neighbors say they didn't hear anything during the morning hours. As for police, they have not said what the father and son were arguing about.

Chuck called 9-1-1 himself and told the operator he and his father had a disagreement and that his father needed medical attention.

Lt. Burke Farrah said, "Due to his injuries, the father wasn't able to give us a statement, so we secured the scene, with our detectives walked to examine the physical evidence at the scene."

After being questioned at the home and later at police headquarters, Chuck admitted to the crime.

Off camera, the suspect's son told Action News: he loves his father and grandfather, and can't even begin to make sense of what happened.

Police will not say whether a weapon was used. But several neighbors tell Action News Chuck killed his father with a hammer.

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