ABC30 returns a $6 thousand check found in trash

FRESNO, Calif.

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Thousands of pounds and piles of trash and recycling come through C&D Solid Waste every day.

"Finding that check was like finding a needle in a haystack," Richard Caglia said. "Literally a needle in a haystack."

It was Jacoba Lopez who spotted it amongst the waste. The people who work here don't normally sort through every single piece of mail that they find. But Jacoba realized there was something about that piece of mail that made it anything but recycling.

That check, made out to Madhavilatha Ravuri, is for $6,000.00. It was addressed to a home in Clovis. The people who live here said they knew nothing about it. They had no idea how that happened. But admitted she's a distant relative. So we took the check in hand and arranged a meeting with Madhavilatha.

Turns out, like most of us, she was desperately waiting for that check and said she feels as if she won the lottery.

She plans to pay off her debt, and told C&D Solid Waste to give a little something back to the woman who found that needle in a haystack.

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