Man robs Fresno woman, 90, steals car

FRESNO, Calif.

It happened Wednesday in broad daylight at the Savemart supermarket on Bullard and First Street in Northeast Fresno.

The 90-year-old victim parked her car in front of the store and went in to shop.

A man in a white hoodie follows the woman into the store, grabs a shopping cart and pursues her.

Fresno Police Lieutenant Burke Farrah said, "When she's shopping for produce and has her back turned, he takes her purse away and leaves the store with her purse in the shopping cart."

This surveillance video from the Savemart store shows the suspect getting into the victim's car and driving away.

Farrah says the suspect is not only facing robbery and auto theft charges, but elder abuse charges. "Even crooks that I deal with on a routine basis have some level of ethical concern. They have moms, they have grandmothers. Most people draw a line above this, this is sinking pretty low."

Shoppers at the Savemart store share lt. Farrah's sentiments.

Mary Hardiman said, "I think it's terrible. I hope they catch him and punish him, and she should carry some mace with her."

Mary's sister, Lee Hardiman said, "Obviously they were taking advantage of somebody that wasn't able to defend themselves, that's the bottom line."

Police describe the man as five feet ten inches tall, with a medium build, in his early twenties.

The victims car is still missing, it's a gold colored 2002 Honda CRV… license plate number 5P0F008.

Anyone with any information on the suspect or the stolen car should call the Fresno Police Department right away.

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