Students learn leadership skills at Fresno conference

FRESNO, Calif.

These teens are getting tips from local experts on how to be successful in culinary, fashion, public speaking categories among many others.

These leadership students are given a rare opportunity to learn about their desired craft from experts right here in the Central Valley.

More than six hundred teens from as far as Southern California and the Valley are given extra training in courses that are on the chopping block in the state school system.

"If you look at the economy, people don't know how to balance check books. They don't know how to save money. In these classes the kids learn about budget keeping. They learn about savings. They're learning about careers in their home economic career and technology classes," Melissa Webb of the FHA-HERO leadership program said.

The groups make stops all over the Valley including the Community Television Station - CMAC - in Downtown Fresno.

Students are learning how the digital age is transforming an age old art of culinary cooking. Without programs like these, some students admit they wouldn't be headed to a four-year university.

"I believe if I would have never joined, I don't know if I would have been accepted to UC Irvine. So without these programs I think kids are losing out on a lot of opportunities to meet new people. To try new things," Tracie Martinez of Fresno High School said.

This conference is a battle between students and a developmental opportunity with workshops and tours. Added together they make a recipe for success for students moving forward.

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