Fresno police still looking for clues in decade-old case

FRESNO, Calif.

"10 years is 10 years to the public but 10 years is just yesterday for us," Irma Martinez, the aunt of the victims, said.

Irma Martinez carries a box of newspaper clippings and pictures of her nephews most everywhere she goes.

She hasn't returned to Southeast Fresno in years, unable to drive by the apartment where Jose and Robert Jimenez and their younger brother Fernando Avalos were gunned down.

But 10 years ago today family members thought they should come back to the crime scene looking for answers an arrest and closure.

"Holidays, their birthdays, their memorials - it's hard on me every single year," Elvira Avalos, the victims' mother, said.

The brothers went to a maple avenue complex back in may of 2002. Family members say they were visiting a woman who lived there when someone opened fire, killing all three.

Police now say they've explored every possibility, delved into the backgrounds of everyone involved, but that's about all they'll discuss.

"I really can't talk about what motives may be in this case," Sgt. Craig Attkisson of the Fresno Police Department said.

They will say they issued a murder warrant with a $3 million bond for Enrique Perez more than five years ago.

"We know they were there, involved in it, we have specific information that Perez was a main player that's why we have a warrant for his arrest," Attkisson said.

He also says he hopes 10 years will bring someone else forward, someone with new information about where Perez may be. Family members believe someone knows something.

"I'm angry. I know they come back and forth. I know people out there know.. They're here, they have family here," Irma Martinez said.

There's also a pretty large award leading to the information, arrest and conviction of the suspect or suspects in the case.

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