Cops say a Fresno woman robs bank to pay PG&E

FRESNO, Calif.

The suspect has been identified as /*Gwendolyn Cunningham*/. The robbery happened Tuesday morning around 11:30 at the /*Bank of America*/ on Shaw and Angus near the /*Fashion Fair Mall*/.

A short time later, officers received word about a possible suspect, who matched the same description at the PG&E building in Downtown Fresno.

Investigators say Cunningham told them she came to pay her bill and admitted to robbing the bank.

"Bank robberies are one of the least successful crimes in any criminal attempt," /*Lt. Burke Farrah*/. We have a very, very high conviction rate on bank robbery. And it's also a federal offense which means that it can mean time in federal prison."

It's not yet known exactly how much cash Cunningham took.

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