Undercover cop speaks at Exeter High School

FRESNO, Calif.

A dozen students were arrested during the sting about two months ago. "They had marijuana in their cars and at lunch they would leave and use during school," said officer Alex Salinas.

Salinas said he saw students using drugs on campus and under the influence in the classroom. The drug use was more widespread than he expected, with marijuana and prescription medicine as the main drugs of choice. "It was kids from skateboarders to athletic kids to people active in school. It was a wide variety of students," said Salinas.

Both Exeter Police and school officials participated in the informational event. A South Valley father also shared his firsthand experience with addiction. David Andres lost his 21-year-old son, Edward, last October. Andres said his son started using drugs in the sixth grade, beginning with marijuana before he moved on to meth. "You can't do it by yourself because it's so subtle at first. And it doesn't reveal itself until it's too late sometimes. And it doesn't have to be too late. It doesn't have to be too late," said Andres.

The event was meant to educate parents, but turnout was slim... something that came as a surprise to the parents who did show up. "We just had an officer in our school system undercover. So obviously we have a problem and I would think more parents would be concerned," said parent Gina Osborn.

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