Finding a solution to help abandoned animals in Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

Animal support groups took the first step in finding a short term solution that takes care of Fresno County's animal control problems for the next three years.

An advisory task force comprised of city and county leaders will meet with the public once a week to figure out a plan that best covers services the CCSPA currently provides.

Council president Clint Oliver says there are two challenges facing them. Time and money. "We've got to get the request for the proposal out in the next few weeks to give folks time to not only step up to do this but to implement whatever their business plan is going to be."

The county has two buildings at their disposal that can temporally house animals for the next three years. The coroner's office near the SPCA and the former Elkhorn Juvenile Facility 20 miles south of Fresno.

The general consensus is that there needs to be a location within city limits that people can bring their animals to. A very popular location is the Mervyn's on Blackstone and Ashlan. The problem is that will cost the city and county money to lease the property, money that officials don't have to spend.

Several animal rescue and no kill groups shared their opinions to the task force -- voicing concerns as well as bringing up creative ideas. The goal is to create a new positive perception of the way animal control services are conducted in this area.

Brenda Mitchell with the Animal Compassion Team said, "Sadly in the past it's very difficult for them to reclaim. That's something we hope to change. So that if something comes in and says hey that's my dog. We want to work on getting them out right away."

The task force will be meeting every Friday because time and money is running out.

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