Ex-Hanford Cop drug investigation isn't over


Servin was seen outside his house in Delano Friday. He refused to comment to Action News about the drug, weapons, and perjury charges he was arrested for.

After receiving an anonymous tip on Tuesday, the district attorney's office and Hanford Police Department conducting an intense 24-hour investigation into the Hanford Police officer's possible illegal activity involving drugs. Marijuana, methamphetamine, oxycontin and a gun were found in his personal car. He was arrested Thursday when he reported for duty.

Hanford Police Chief Carlos Mestas said, "We called him in relieved him of his weapon and his badge and anything else he had and we confronted him with the information and gave him the opportunity to resign and he resigned."

Hours after his arrest, Action News shot exclusive video of the now former officer leaving the Kings County jail.

Chief Mestas says he and other officers at the Hanford Police Department are disgusted that one of their own violated the law. At this point, the chief does not believe Servin was selling or buying drugs. "That would lead someone to believe that he was possibly pilfering drugs not from evidence locker or anything else because he can't get to that but possible from vehicle stops or searches or what have you."

According to Chief Mestas, Servin came in contact with narcotics on a weekly basis. Now, Hanford Police and the district attorney's office have to go through a lengthy and detailed search of all pending cases that Ernesto Servin investigated to make sure there was no mishandling of evidence or information.

"Certainly this officer was an active police officer," Larry Crouch said. "He participated in many, many arrests and there are many cases in this office that he's a witness on."

Chief Mestas added, "I mean extremely disappointing because now you know the fact is we have a lot of cases he handled that could be for lack of a better word no good."

Ernesto Servin is expected back in court on June 1st where he'll likely be arraigned. The DA's office says they are currently investigating other illegal allegations against the officer.

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