Hanford Authorities take close look at accused police officer's cases

FRESNO, Calif.

Servin was seen outside his house in Delano Friday after he bailed out of jail Thursday night. He refused to comment on the charges.

The Hanford Police Department and the district attorney's office must do a tedious search of all pending cases that Servin helped investigate to make sure there was no mishandling of evidence or information.

"We have to check all of these to determine how this affects our ability to proceed or the actions that have been taken in the past so it puts quite a burden on us," said Larry Crouch with the Kings Co. District Attorney's Office.

"We're hoping a lot of those cases will be backed up by another officer who will testify to enough information so we can salvage some of these cases," said Hanford Police Chief Carlos Mestas.

Servin is expected in court next month.

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