Belly blasting foods

FRESNO, Calif.

If you want to blast belly bloat, holistic health coach Kate Henninger says it's all about eating smarter.

"I don't' think people realize how powerful the choices they make are," said Kate Henniger.

Choose these super foods to help shrink your belly. First, blueberries. We know they're good for us, but a recent study in mice show the polyphenols found in blueberries can break down belly fat. So eat up.

Like blueberries, tart cherries, strawberries and raspberries also contain antioxidants that researchers at the University of Michigan found burn abdominal fat. Grapefruit packs a powerful fat smashing punch. A Louisiana State University study found those who ate half a grapefruit three times a day lost four pounds in 12 weeks, without changing the rest of their diet.

"The foods that you eat make a huge difference," Kate concluded.

Are you thirsty? Grab some green tea. Drinking up to five cups a day can help shed abdominal fat. Antioxidants found in the tea known as catechins, increase the release of fat from fat cells and tea is not the only drink brewing with fat blasting benefits. You can try coffee as well. A study published in the journal Physiology and Behavior found the average metabolic rate of caffeinated java drinkers is 16 percent higher than those that drink decaf.

If you have caffeine concerns, stick with green tea. It only has about half as much caffeine as coffee. If you prefer to go decaf, go ahead and drink up. While the catechin count is lower in decaf green tea, there's still enough to help in your weight loss efforts.

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