Disabled Hanford woman robbed outside her home


Leshawn McLemore of Hanford had her bag stolen, containing hundreds of dollars' worth of money orders.

The victim in this case has multiple sclerosis. Once her support group found out about what had happened, they pulled together more than enough money so she could pay her bills.

Leshawn McLemore of Hanford says all she could do was stare as a man with a red bandana covering his face snatched her purse from the side of her wheelchair, and ran away.

McLemore said, "I mean, he came so fast."

The 47-year-old was just feet away from her doorstep. She had just returned from a corner store, where she picked up 200 dollars in money orders to pay her monthly bills.

Her neighbor, Carol Balcazar was standing next to her when the crime happened. "After it happened, and we went in the house, I mean, she was just in tears. She just couldn't stop crying. Why would someone do that, you know?"

McLemore believes someone knew what she had in her bag, and followed her home. Following the incident, she was terrified to go outside.

Leshawn McLemore said, "I didn't want to go outside to check my mail or anything. And so now, I couldn't even go to the store."

But, through the kindness of new friends, mclemore now feels more at ease. Originally from Los Angeles, she joined a multiple sclerosis support group at First Christian Church in Hanford. Once fellow members found out what had happened, they used a prayer chain to raise more than 300 dollars.

Friend, Barbara Edens said, "You know, I didn't say give this much or that much. I just said, let's all pitch in and everyone did."

Upon receiving the generous gift, McLemore cried.

If they didn't help me, I don't know what I did." McLemore said. "I just don't know."

She says dealing with MS already has her feeling helpless, but knowing she has support makes it easier to get by.

McLemore did file a police report. But, at this point, no arrests have been made.

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