Soldier surprises mom for Mother's Day

FRESNO, Calif.

In home video, 22-year-old /*Army Specialist Miguel Sahagun*/ walks into St Columbia Church to give his mom a Mother's Day present she will never forget.

"It was a long year, and she was there for me throughout the whole year," Spc. Miguel Sahagun said. "My whole family was there for me, but she took it a little bit harder than the rest of the family. I'm the baby of the family so it was tougher for her."

Sahagun's mother, Yolanda said, "Never thought when mass was over I was gonna see my soldier there."

And by Sunday afternoon, on their ranch in Madera County - the entire Sahagun family is back together. Miguel had enlisted the help of his older sister Myra to pull of this special mission.

Myra told Action News, "My mom's been there for everybody through everything and giving her that gift was the best thing ever."

Spc. Miguel Sahagun said, "I figured it's Mother's Day I'm going to give my mom the best surprise that she can get, she deserves."

Yolanda says she wished Miguel would somehow be home for Mother's Day - even though her daughter kept telling her not to get her hopes up. "I'm just glad that god made it possible, and the priest, and my daughter, and you guys... that I can show the world that I have my son back. That God has blessed me."

Miguel had been on a year-long tour of duty in the Kunar Province of Afghanistan. He was deployed with the 25th Infantry Division out of Hawaii. Their job - to deliver support supplies to their fellow soldiers. That mission is over and Miguel's new job - spending time with his mom.

Yolanda said, "I'm floating in the clouds, thanking God for this wonderful mother's day."

Miguel is on a month-long leave. He says he'll spend it here in the Valley with his family. He's not sure whether he will be assigned another tour of duty overseas.

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