Girl with flesh-eating disease will lose fingers

Aimee Copeland, who lost her leg to flesh-eating disease, may also lose her hands and right foot. (ABC News)

May 13, 2012 12:10:00 AM PDT
Aimee Copeland, the Georgia student who contracted a rare flesh-eating disease after a zip line injury will lose her fingers.

Aimee will suffer the loss of her fingers, however physicians have hope of bringing life back to the palms of her hands, which could allow her the muscle control to use helpful prosthetics. They are awaiting a safe time before embarking on surgery for this," said a post on the University of West Georgia Psychology website.

Copeland, a 24-year-old graduate student at the school, has already lost her left leg and may also lose her remaining foot, according to her family. Despite being hooked up to a ventilator and unable to speak, Copeland's family said she's showing signs of recovery.

"Aimee appears to have normal brain function at this time, which is something I'm celebrating because within Aimee we have a very compassionate heart and an incredible mind of intellect," said Copeland's father, Andy Copeland.

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