Good Sports: Jordan Hall

FRESNO, Calif.

"Naturally I got interested and he just took me out to the range, taught me all the safety stuff and just really introduced me to one fun sport," said Hall.

Fast forward 10 years, and that fun sport, has earned Jordan recognition worldwide for his competitive shooting exploits.

The 18-year-old Hall has an impressive collection of sharpshooting trophies, beginning with his first competition at age 10.

"It was kind of nerve-wracking of course," said Hall. "It was the first match. Get the jitters out. But I did extremely well."

But with a steady hand he won the tournament and others in the years to follow. So just two years ago, Hall and his father decided to gauge where Jordan ranked among the nation's best.

"I took third place in the stock service pistol division and second place junior at my first national match," said Hall.

And from there, the Halls stepped it up a notch, entering Jordan in the International Defensive Pistol Association World Championships. To prepare, Hall trained for hours a day, seven days a week. And his results showed it.

"I placed overall high junior which means I beat everybody else in the junior division," said Hall. "And I took ninth in the expert class out of about 54 shooters. That really made me feel great."

When speed and accuracy are involved, Jordan Hall ranks among the world best. But when the target does not move, the results are even more impressive.

Jordan has done well enough to be sponsored by Houlding Precision Firearms, and instructs classes on different variations of shooting. And believe it or not he's gunning for loftier goals.

"I want to try to make Grand Master which is the highest rank – the highest classification you can classify into -- by the age of 21," said Hall. "So in the next couple of years I want to bump my skill level even further."

"I am very proud of my son," said John Hall, "I think it's fantastic that he has a skill, and he took it on himself to take the steps to get there."

Even if it's the teacher... having to admit his protégé has passed him up.

"If you require any type of speed and accuracy, he' got me hands down," said John Hall. "But to see my son do that? Yes -- you just can't imagine."

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