Burglars caught on tape in Southeast Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

Owners said they've lost thousands of dollars from these break-ins. Now, Fresno Police say 25-year-old Michael Hernandez is wanted in connection to the crimes.

Investigators said they know Hernandez is on the surveillance video, but they can't find him. They also need help figuring out who the other man in the video is.

"He broke my alarm, he took my whole panel off the wall," the store's owner said. The owner does not want to be identified but he wants the public to pay attention to the man in the video.

The store's owner said the suspect pocketed nearly $2,000 from under the counter. Once he figures out how to turn the lights on in the store he spots the cameras and ducks out of sight. Seconds later he turns the camera toward the wall.

Fresno Police Sgt. Mark Hudson said this burglar isn't working alone. "They go inside, they steal cash, beer [and] cigarettes then they take off. So we're hoping the public can identify who the second suspect is and also let us know where we can find Michael Hernandez," Hudson said.

In addition to being tied to these burglaries Hernandez is wanted for felony probation violation for narcotics possession.

In the video, Hudson said you see Hernandez leave the store after he tried unsuccessfully to break through the front door.

"They couldn't do it, so they left. And at 5:30 they came through the roof," the owner said.

Police hope the video of the suspects' hour-long burglary helps them close the case.

Anyone with info of the two men is asks to call police. And to other small business owners, police said, be sure to install high quality security cameras. That could help detectives identify suspects, if your business is ever broken into.

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