Teen falls through roof during SE Fresno burglary

FRESNO, Calif.

Fresno Police say the burglars crept in through the roof and squeezed through an air conditioning duct. One suspect got away, but the other was wheeled out to the hospital on a stretcher.

One of the suspect's socks was still hanging from the air conditioning duct after investigators say the teen came crashing down through the roof. Police had to cut through metal security bars to rescue him.

Doug Kirkorian with the Fresno Police Department said, "Security guards responded to an alarm call, when they arrived they found someone hiding inside so they called Fresno PD. Officers arrived and found a 17-year-old trapped inside the building."

Plans to steal clothing and shoes were interrupted Friday morning after the injured burglar was unable to climb out of S&S Clothing. Even though the teen didn't break in alone, investigators say his accomplice left him there.

"We think there's another suspect who apparently did get out," Kirkorian said. "We believe the other suspect did make entry too and we're working to identify him right now."

Friday store employees worked to clean up the mess. More than anything, they are frustrated that they are constantly being targeted by thieves. Just last week the store was burglarized the same way, police believe the same suspects are to blame.

"Terrible," Hwang Cha Leblanc said. "I thought everyone here in the United States is honest. 100 percent honest, nobody steal, nobody do anything. Now I got a lot of people steal stuff, it's not a good idea."

Investigators did collect surveillance video from the cameras inside the store. They are hoping to use them to identify the second suspect and use them to prosecute the pair.

The suspect who was arrest was cut underneath his arm when he got caught on a piece of metal. He was treated and then taken to Juvenile Hall.

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