Douglas recovering after traumatic incident


These days Douglas has quite a spring in his step. At least compared to the state he was in last week when anemia had gotten the best of his energy.

"He's starting to jump up on me and he actually ran across the yard yesterday. He's doing a lot better his energy is coming back up," said Whitney Mayeda.

Mayeda says he's bouncing back pretty quick. It only took some "TLC," medicine, and plenty of the nutrients he was once deprived of.

It was a good Samaritan who spotted the little terrier in Fresno County near Valentine and Nielsen. He was bleeding and limping. Even though its been more than a week his caretakers are still hoping that someone saw something

"All we can say is that we know he was running from gunfire and it's a possibility he was attacked by another dog or got into a fight with another dog."

While they wait for answers, they're using social media to their advantage -- and wishing they knew the "real" story about what really happened in his past life.

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