Planning underway for next Eye-Q California Classic

FRESNO, Calif.

The second annual race brought thousands of people to Downtown Fresno.

The ride and run is over but planning for next year has already started.

The cyclists and runners have caught their breaths by now but volunteers for the Eye-Q California Classic are still in a race.

In just a matter of days all the equipment, signs and surplus good gathered up at Chuckchansi Park has to be inventoried, donated or stored for next year.

The food that wasn't used by the racers will be donated to a homeless shelter.

"About 500 pounds of eggs, 150 pounds of cooked sausage and a lot of the perishable items will go back to the Poverello House," race organizer Mike Herman said.

Herman says his planning committee is already meeting to discuss this year's race and plan for next year's.

"The biggest thing is planning for bigger crowds. We know we're going to grow the event. We had 5,000 participants for the weekend and we'd like to go to 10,000 over the next years," Herman said.

Herman says those numbers add up to a big finish for Fresno. He says 45% of this year's participants were from out of the Fresno/Clovis area, bringing their spending dollars to the community.

He says the economic impact of last year's race was $750 thousand dollars and this year, he's anticipating more because some events were at capacity.

"The common thing we're hearing is 'we'll be back next year'," Herman said.

Reusing race jerseys and jackets is another challenge, because of course, they're printed with the date of the race.

Mike says he waits 2-3 years after an event then he'll re-sell them at a future expo. Cyclists and runners buy them and use them for training,

Training is part of life for marathon runner Amanda Whitten. The Fresno attorney was one of the top 10 female finishers.

She even got caught on our Abc30 camera waving to meteorologist Kevin Musso during our live broadcast on Sunday.

Amanda loves the close-knit running community and the chance to enjoy what Fresno has to offer.

"For people like my mom who think I'm absolutely insane, that there are a lot of other insane people out there too. And just to see there are so many ways to be healthy and active in Fresno and to support the people who are trying to do that and hopefully inspire others to do that as well," Whitten said.

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