Porterville assisted living facility shut down amid investigation

FRESNO, Calif.

Mary Moore is still in custody and could be arraigned on financial elder abuse charges as early as Tuesday.

Police say she stole $28 thousand dollars from one of her client's bank accounts and gambled a lot of the money away at a local casino.

A sign outside the Home Sweet Home assisted living facility in Porterville reads that the business is now permanently closed.

Last week Porterville police arrested 54-year old Mary Louise Moore after they discovered she stole thousands of dollars from an 87-year old female client she was caring for at the home.

"Our detectives were contacted through Adult Protective Services in Tulare County and were made aware of a discrepancy in the banking and checking accounts of the victim," Sgt. Rick Carrillo of the Porterville Police Department said.

Sgt. Carrillo says after interviewing Moore she confessed to committing the crime over a two-year period.

"She admitted to utilizing $12,000 of the $28,000 which she gambled at the local casino and $9,000 dollars of that money she admitted was in her home in a safe," Sgt. Carillo said.

The remaining $9 thousand was returned to the victim, who was unaware of the thefts from her account.

"Elder abuse is very, very serious both physical and financial and California has implemented laws to protect elders for reasons such as this," Sgt. Carillo said.

Neighbors on this quiet Porterville street are shocked by the allegations. Many say Moore and her family were well-liked and had been in business for more than a decade.

"It's a disappointment because if I was to entrust one of my family members with someone who I assume is licensed that they're going to check their background and make sure they're honest," neighbor Donna Boyer said.

Police are still looking into whether there are more victims in this case. The District Attorney's office is still reviewing the case and could file official charges against her as early as Tuesday.

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