Two South Valley schools have big money problems


Citrus South Tule and California Hot Springs school districts are not meeting their budget requirements for the year.

This historic school bell has been ringing at the Citrus South Tule School since its opening in 1874. The red school house was the original building for the school when it used to sit where Lake Success now is. The deep roots of the district in this small community keep teachers and parents here working hard to make sure it survives struggling budget times.

Mary Higgins' four children attend the school which sits just a mile from Lake Success near Porterville. Higgins is head of the parent club at the school and helps volunteer when she can. She and other teachers here say the school has been on the verge of closing or making big cuts before and this year is no different.

The state recently listen Citrus South Tule and California Hot Springs school districts as schools in jeopardy of not making budget.

Citrus South Tule says its expenses are $45 thousand dollars over their $500,000 dollar budget. With just three teachers, 55 students and a superintendent who volunteers his time -- the district isn't sure where they can cut back in order to keep their bell ringing.

Citrus South Tule says it will likely need help from TCOE.

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