Madera County man accused of molesting girl, 9

FRESNO, Calif.

Jose Rodriguez, 52, was taken into custody Wednesday afternoon. Madera County detectives say the victim was only nine years old when the alleged crime happened.

Victor Garcia lives across the street. He claims Rodriguez caused problems in the area by drinking, and getting into arguments with neighbors. The area is filled with kids. And having four young children of his own, Garcia now worries about any contact they may have had with Rodriguez.

Victor Garcia said, "I'm worried about if there might be other persons out there that something could have happened to them."

Rodriguez moved out of the home about six months ago to a house in the city of Madera. He was arrested there Wednesday. While his family did not want to comment on the allegations, neighbor Nubia Chavez expressed her outrage.

Nubia Chavez said, "I'm really surprised. On top of that, there's schools here, there's high schools, there's elementary schools, there's a lot of kids through these streets."

According to detectives, Rodriguez won over his victim's trust. They say the allegations go as far back as 2006, that's six years before his arrest. They fear that in the several years he lived in this home, he could have done the same with other nearby children.

Erica Stuart with the Madera County Sheriff's Office said, "This investigation is in the very beginning stages and the detectives have asked me to at least get it out there that this is the man they arrested, these are allegations against him, the fact that they do believe there are other victims out there, and if anyone does have any information, that they should call."

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