Witness: Mom throws child clear of big rig, gets run over

FRESNO, Calif.

Fresno Police say the driver of a big rig hit a woman, knocking her and her young child over in the crosswalk. The driver of the big rig stopped initially. One witness described the woman as a hero for throwing the child out of the way before the driver backed up and rolled over her -- hitting her a second time.

"For a mom to be that brave and save her baby other than herself. I mean that takes a lot of heart. So pretty much she just grabbed a baby and just tried to take it for him. And when I seen her I didn't even think she made it because she was flopping around the floor," said Stephanie Gonzales.

Police say the woman suffered serious injuries and possibly broke several bones in her body. EMT's rushed the woman and the child to the hospital. We're told the child received a large cut on his foot.

Police questioned the driver of the big rig and says he was at fault for the accident, but so far no arrest has been made.

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