Treemagedon hits Fresno State

FRESNO, Calif.

Lots J and A will be closed through August while construction continues.

Dr. Madhusudan Katti joins a few other biologists and ecologists who are voicing their anger about what's happening on campus.

It became known as Treemagedon Every move the construction crews make is now on a local blog. There are before pictures and after. A letter Dr. Katti sent to President Welty. Katti explains his research of bio-diversity. His need for using those trees to teach his students. "In my mind the university should be playing a leading role setting up a model for doing that instead of cutting down a forest of trees."

Parking Administrator Amy Armstrong defends the university's decision, saying the campus simply needed more parking and the lot needed to be repaired. "It was full of potholes and there were ponding basins taking up unused space several trees were diseased and dying."

These ecologists believe only a couple of trees were rotting.

Biology professor Dr. Paul Crosbie said, "There's been a distinct lack of consultation of the faculty leaves us feeling marginalized and the university has minimal interest in our opinions."

Armstrong said, "Information was shared at various groups and committee meeting regarding the project we are working with a quick deadline between graduation and the first day of school."

The parking administrator says the new lot will include dozens of new trees.

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