Widow of Minkler shooter arrested on car theft, chop shop charges

FRESNO, Calif.

Tulare County authorities say they arrested Diane Liles and her boyfriend Michael Anderson. Authorities say they found Liles and Anderson dismantling a stolen truck in the Tulare County town of London yesterday.

The Fresno Bee reports Diane Liles is the widow of the Minkler gunman who shot and killed a Fresno County Sheriff's Deputy and a Reedley Police officer during a shootout in 2010.

Fresno County Sheriff's Deputy Joel Wahlenmaier and Reedley Police Officer Javier Bejar died in the Minkler shoot-out in 2010. Rick Liles shot and killed himself. Diane Liles was in the couple's mobile home during the shootout, but was never charged.

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