Fire breaks out in East Central Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

The fire broke out at the Old Palm Lakes Golf Course located at Peach and Dakota in East Central Fresno, near the airport.

The golf course is abandoned and covered in knee-high weeds and brittle dry grass.

The flames produced a great deal of smoke -- and all the fire and smoke worried the residents of two nearby apartment buildings. This fire and other problems forced half of the city's force into action.

Michael Despain with the Fresno fire department said, "We had a weather event coming over which was compromising firefighting efforts due to the high winds. We also had a commercial fire at peach and olive down the street which tied up a number of units."

Firefighters kept the flames from spreading to the nearby apartments and no-one had to be evacuated. Investigators are searching for the cause of the fire.

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