Merced Police video shows deadly officer-involved shooting

MERCED, Calif.

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They found /*Kong Xiong*/ guilty of illegally possessing a gun, but not guilty of being an active gang member.

Video recorded by a Merced Police officer's glasses shows the teen being shot in the leg back in December. The officers also accidentally shot and killed his uncle, Vang Thao.

Prosecutors say the video helped prove Xiong had a gun. But family members say it also confirms he never pointed the weapon at officers.

Xiong's relatives were very happy jurors found him not guilty of the gang charge.

Xiong's uncle, Jer Thao said, "To us it was like going through hell and coming back again, that's what it was because we had a lot of people looking down upon us. Now we know that we got a verdict, what else can anybody say."

Xiong faces a maximum of three years in prison, but he could be released on probation. His sentencing is scheduled for next month.

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