Scammers posing as deputies in Kings County

FRESNO, Calif.

The Kings County Sheriff's Office says it has received more than 20 reports in the past two days about the scam phone calls.

They say the caller claims to be a law enforcement or collection agency representing a financial institution -- and they often ask for personal information including copies of your social security card.

If the victim does not comply, they receive a second call, telling them they must pay or face consequences.

"Whether you're getting an email or call that's unsolicited," Sgt. David Jones said. "If you know you don't owe that company or you've never heard of that company, get their name and get their number and if it's a legitimate business you'll find their name and number on the internet."

Deputies say so far no one they know of has given information to the callers. They say if you receive a call, do not give any information to the caller, and contact police.

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