Car wash held for Merced toddler killed in fire

FRESNO, Calif.

Two-year-old Kareem Butler, Junior died after a fire started in a bedroom at his family's Merced home.

His family members held a car wash in Merced -- where his mother told Action News she's still reeling from his death.

Investigators say the child's five-year-old brother was playing with a lighter on Tuesday -- starting the fire that killed him. Investigators say Kareem died in his crib.

Kareem's mother, Megan Butler said, "I have to put up a face for my kids and the rest of my family but behind closed doors, I am not okay at all. I still have to get up and do stuff. Most of all I want him laid to rest. He already went through enough."

The boy's mother and two other children escaped the fire and were not harmed.

The family will hold another car wash Sunday at the corner of Yosemite Parkway and east 21 Street.

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