Emily Lavender's family hosts a bake sale

FRESNO, Calif.

/*Emily Lavender*/ died late last May after her two-year-old brother found a loaded gun -- and accidently shot her.

Sunday, Emily's picture was nearby as her family hosted a bake sale in Central Fresno.

Emily's grandmother says they will be sending proceeds from the sale to the family of an Alabama girl, who died last month in a similar tragedy.

Five-year-old /*Teela Ann Murphy*/ was shot and killed April 19th -- in a shooting authorities believe was unintentional.

Emily's grandmother, Ronda Malailua said, "It was just amazing the outpour that we had and so we feel we need to pay this forward every year and bring gun safety, gun safety awareness."

Emily's grandmother says the family is also hoping to set up a foundation to continue to raise awareness and help others.

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