Remembering the fallen on Memorial Day

FRESNO, Calif.

"It's very touching. Every year it's just amazing how many people come out and show support for their country," said Megan Kitt of Fresno. A sea of red, white and blue colors waved in the wind. Every one of the 1,400 flags represents a fallen soldier laid to rest at the cemetery.

"It's an unbearable and indescribable pain and grief but you learn to live with it," said Sandra Simmons. Her son was killed in Iraq when a roadside bomb went off in 2005. Sgt. Lindsey James was just 23 years old. "My son was very proud. He loved being in the military. He loved the army. He loved what he did. He loved representing his country and serving his country," said Simmons.

Simmons was one of many who laid a wreath in honor of all the moms who have lost a child while serving their country.

"It's actually bringing more to reality that there's still a lot of parents out there that their children our serving so that's really touching," said Melinda Morales. Morales has been coming to visit her uncle's gravesite on this special day for years. "Since I remember. I being little, my mom always brought me out here with our entire family. So it's always been a family tradition," said Morales.

A tradition many of these families are proud to continue to honor their loved ones who paid the ultimate sacrifice. "There are people who have given that sacrifice -- there are still family members still with us. We need to give them the strength to get through those difficult times," said Maj. Nick Fleischmann. It's that strength that is helping families cope with the loss of their loved ones -- many realizing even though their heroes may be gone, they will never be forgotten.

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