May 31 AM Live Ag Report

FRESNO, Calif.

Sales are booming in Asian countries this year. Now winemakers from California are spending the next two weeks encouraging consumers in Hong Kong and China to sample the state's wine.

The California Wine Institute says more than 120 California winery representatives are participating in a trade show in Hong Kong this week.

More than two-dozen wine marketers will also visit with consumers in China next week.


California farmers are harvesting one-million additional tons of tomatoes this year compared to last year.

Growers say the extra tomatoes will be used in sauces, ketchup and other tomato products.

A newly-released report shows tomato growers are expected to harvest nearly 13-million tons of tomatoes. That's up more than 8 percent from last year.

Ag experts say the crop will be the second-largest on record if the harvest goes well.

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