Fresno Teachers Association elects new president

FRESNO, Calif.

Mai Summer Vue has been a Fresno Unified school teacher for thirteen years, the last four spent at John Muir Elementary School.

Now she's ready to hang up her teaching hat for a new role.

"I'm excited to be part of this process so that I can perhaps help find a better resolution for our children," Vue said.

Vue was elected president of the Fresno Teachers Association in a tight runoff election.

A child refugee from Thailand, Vue came to the United States in 1980, where she finished her public education in Fresno Unified.

She says the challenges she faced in her own life have prepared her for what comes ahead.

"I always say when things get tough you need to pull together and this is one of those times," Vue said.

Just last week, union leaders announced their vote of "no confidence" against Superintendent Michael Hanson.

They accused Hanson of misusing funds and cutting essential student programs.

"We have not had a good working relationship with the board as far as the superintendent, so we hope that this is a new beginning to a better working relationship," Vue said.

We reached out to Hanson for comment. His office released a statement telling Action News "the district looks forward to working with her and FTA leadership to improve our schools for our students and our city."

Board Member Carol Mills says the district essentially wants the same end result as the union: providing the best education to its students.

"The greatest overriding challenge right now is the budget. Our budget has been cut over the past few years on a regular basis. We're trying to maintain the programs, we're trying to provide the support for the students that they need," Mills said.

Vue will lead the thirty-two hundred member union beginning July 1 but says she won't lose her focus of prioritizing students.

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