New FTA president asked to step down by former opponent

FRESNO, Calif.

Vue was elected the president of the FTA last week but on Monday, a former candidate, Eva Ruiz accused her of lying to get the position.

Vue is scheduled to begin her duties as the newly elected president on July 1st, but that may not happen if her former candidate's claims are verified.

Eva Ruiz says Mai Summer Vue's false accusations before the runoff elections hurt her campaign and tarnished her reputation in the teaching community. Ruiz said, "There is information out there that is not true. It's lies." At the heart of the tensions are the statements on fliers mailed by Vue before the runoff elections.

Vue's campaign claimed her competition, Eva Ruiz, A kindergarten teacher at Sunset Elementary sued FTA and outgoing president Greg Gadams and "walked away with $10,000" of FTA association dues.

"I have never sued Greg Gadams and FTA and walked away with $10,000 dollars of association dues," said Ruiz. Ruiz claims Vue knew that and other statements in the flier were false and sent them out anyway.

Vue won the election by 51 votes. Vue declined Action News' requests to appear on camera. Her defense attorney, Roger Bonakdar spoke on her behalf. Bonakdar said, "I think any request to have her step down is not only premature but highly over-zealous."

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