Two-alarm fire displaces a Northwest Fresno family

FRESNO, Calif.

When fire fighters arrived on scene they say the family had already evacuated.

Battalion Chief Casey Clark said, "They arrived to find that the family had escaped out of the house safely. It's a mom, dad and baby and teenaged son."

Neighbors say -- after the man noticed his garage was on fire -- he ran for help.

"He was like, there's a fire come help me, please," Courtney Stephens said. "And then my parents ran out of the house and then i ran out and it was just huge."

Fire fighters were able to put the flames out before the fire destroyed more of the house and spread neighboring homes. While the cause is not exactly clear -- fire fighters say if it was a result of the mechanical work, they know the home owner was at least being cautious.

"It was outside the garage, where there was good open air," Battalion Chief Casey Clark said. "But it was a very hot day, fumes stay low. So be very careful when you're working on cars and lawnmowers and things like that."

No injuries were reported -- and fire fighters say the damage estimates for this home are between $65-80 thousand dollars.

In the video, Action News reporter Rick Montanez has complete coverage on the story.

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